Recycling Tips & Tricks

Vacation Time!

Recycling while on vacation, can be very unsuccessful. Husbands and kiddos seem to think that a vacation automatically comes with a recycling hall pass. Well, they’re wrong. “You can and you will recycle.”  

When the time comes to pack up you car for that long road remember  FEW THINGS:

Be organized, have an extra container in your car just for recyclables,  not FOR trash. Be persistence, that means be extra vocal with reminders at every meal.  have patience, they will never remember to recycle. I’m not sure why, but my boys...

Household Recycling Tip #3

Kids in my house are always coming and going, a fully stocked snack box is necessary for my own sanity. A snack box is a collection of health snacks, that is easily assessable to them. Notice how I have gathered every item into one box. Make sure to place it where they can reach!
On the days you need to restock this box, gather all the recyclables together and get those busy kids involved breaking...

Yes, you can!

Cardboard can be recycled. But, if your piece was used with food, the sections that have food stains can not be recycled. Use your scissors to cut the box apart and cut out all the food stained sections. Recycle the good parts. 

Recycling Bin

Recycling Bin

This is my recycling bin.  She's beautiful.  Moving on... Your RC (recycle) bin's location is key to any successful recycling habits.  By placing the recycling bin in the middle of the action and the trashcan/landfill bin farthest place possible, this will encourage rock star results.  Yeah Earth!

My bin is an "all inclusive" bin meaning I put most everything in here.  "Be neat and tidy" in a haunted Mary Poppins voice, is always being sun in my head.  you'll be amazed by the quantity that can be recycled.


Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are the worst kind of convenience.  Why?  For one thing it's plastic, plastic is bad for our earth.  We all know this.  This post is my personal quest to get you to rethink your shopping bag choices.  Because it's too easy to go green!

First step is to make it a point not to accept plastic bags in any shop, instead take your own bags, use their paper bags or don't use a bag at all.  Get out of your box and say, "No thanks, I don't want a plastic bag.  I'll just carry it."  Bam.  Plus it's...