Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are the worst kind of convenience.  Why?  For one thing it's plastic, plastic is bad for our earth.  We all know this.  This post is my personal quest to get you to rethink your shopping bag choices.  Because it's too easy to go green!

First step is to make it a point not to accept plastic bags in any shop, instead take your own bags, use their paper bags or don't use a bag at all.  Get out of your box and say, "No thanks, I don't want a plastic bag.  I'll just carry it."  Bam.  Plus it's fun not taking a bag at all and freaking out the lady at the register.  Besides, who doesn't love great reusable bags.  Which you will soon find in my new online shop.  Coming soon.  Moving on...

Attention everyone on Earth!  Plastic bags will arrive in your home one way or another.  It happens, just apply your knowledge and save the earth.  That just means check every plastic bag your hands touch for my favorite recycle symbol.  More and more bags are being made with recyclable plastic.  Let's say this out loud and all together, "Check every bag."

For those of you that say, "I use my plastic bags several times before I throw it away."  We;;, that's still a problem.  In the end, that bag still goes to the landfill.  Then that bag will sit in the earth doing nothing but waiting to be eaten by birds or fish or even turtles or unicorns.  It's all true.

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