Recycling Tips & Tricks

Bathroom Recycling

Make life easy and add a recycle bin to your bathroom.  Use a green bin, like mine or find a great recycle sticker  to designate it as the recycle bin. Educate your  cohabiters which items cannot be recycled. You’ll need to keep encouraging your families efforts, but soon enough it will become habit.

“Lids” Recycling Tips

Lids should be removed from bottles before discarding into a recycle bin. Please note, not all lids can be recycled, look closely to find the symbol, it can be small.  When recycling the marked lids, please contain them in a closed recyclable container for transport.

Recycle, Yes List! Poster

A poster to print and share with your kids to help them understand what they can and cannot recycle!  Just right click and save or print.