Hand Carved Wood Serving Spoon

Hand Carved Wood Serving Spoon

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Hand Carved, Cherry Wood Serving Spoon

Handmade by Rusted Pulchritude

These serving spoons are carved by hand using traditional spoon carving techniques from locally harvested wood. They finish their spoons by knife and use no sandpaper during production.

Each spoons are made from natural materials and feature wabi sabi elements. We carve our spoons from local white birch and cherry woods. The spoons in the photos were carved from cherry wood.

The surfaces of the spoons are finished with organic solvent-free linseed oil and candelilla wax. Plain organic linseed oil finish is also available. Each spoon will arrive tagged with our branding and care instructions.

The spoons measure 9 1/2" long by ~2 1/4" at the widest